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What to look in for buying a cordless impact driver?


Having an impact driver means saying goodbye to the stripped fastener heads and half-sunk screws. If there is anything that can be said to be an example of the right tool for the right job, it is the impact driver only. It is a handheld device that can be effortlessly driven even the longest of screws into hardwood and does it while leaving the heads clean and sharp. There is no better evidence than that than the impact driver.

cordless impact driver

Uses of Impact Drivers: The cordless impact drivers can be used in various ways for doing different kinds of jobs involving in the construction of buildings. The professionals indulging in the manufacturing and construction works can tighten the screws and bore the holes as well by using the impact cordless driver. There are various situations where the cordless impact drivers can work well with its functions. Following are some of its functions:

  1. The first and foremost function of the cordless impact driver is that it can drive in the screws.
  2. It can also loosen the tightened screws, nuts and bolts.
  3. It can also help in driving the long as well as thick fasteners into the hard material.
  4. It can also help in removing or eliminating the car break-drums.

Working on the cordless impact drivers:

  1. Generally, the cordless impact driver works by combining the rotational force with a hammering action that would generate a high horsepower. Suppose the situation arises when you are turning the screw, then you would start tapping over the screw with the standard drills or hammer in the direction of the rotation. By using the cordless impact driver, you would drive the screw very faster.
  2. The process of lifting the hammer and rotates around the screws where ever required then it pushes down the spring, then hammer hits the screw moving the power rotation to it, and this can be done until the work is not being done.

Impact Driver Buyers Instructions

If you are thinking of adding the impact driver in your toolbox but you have no idea of from where to start what to know while buying or selecting the impact drivers for your kit. So followings points will help you to come out of this situation.

  • There is a built-in- LED lights that threw light on the targeted area where you need the lightening facilities. This also helps you to see the objects in the darker areas, and it also saves the power of the battery.
  • It also provides you, people, to have the adjustable clutches that helps you further to have a fine-tune that exerts faster than the others.
  • The cordless impact driver also helps you to drive the screws in the smaller woodworks like in cabinets, doors and windows.
  • This also has a unique feature that is it helps to increase productivity because it has the keyless chucks and fast release functions well in the drive.
  • In most of the situations, the driver tools vibrate very fast, but this cordless drive has vibration protection which helps the professionals in minimizing the amount of the vibration.
  • You can also use the toggle switch that lets you switch the action of driving to reverse.
  • There are well-built designs and unique feature that help to ease someone of the shocks that this cordless drive transmits. It has a well-built design which has the rubber pistol grips on it that avoids the repetitive stress.
  • The impact drivers have very soft start, which is usually safer to use and also helps to maintain the life of the tool.
  • There are a Neutral switch and the switch locks that make it so that the impact driver does not duct its battery by averting adventitious switch presses while it is in your tool bag.

What to keep in mind when buying an impact driver?

There are most of the advantages that the cordless impact drivers have. Following are some of the essential features that you people have to find out while a selection of the impact drivers.

TORQUE: By using the cordless impact drivers, you can screw a longer screw as it generates a lot of torque which is very beneficial over the standard drills. It merely means that you can drive a big hole with this smaller drive. The impact drivers have plenty of the torque in it. The torque is always measured in inch-pounds.

ROTATION PER MINUTE(RPM): In most of the drivers, it has three or more RPM Stages. Today modernized impact drivers always try to save the power without giving the exact maximum rotations per minute all at once. The minimum RPM generally varies from 800- 850 RPM’S and maximum RPM varies to 3000 RPM’S. If you are looking forward to the maximum RPM, this will give you faster to do the job. If you have too high RPM, it starts to tend strip screw heads and run softer on the wood which is again the issue that you want to avoid during a selection of the impact drivers.

VOLTAGE OR AMPERAGE: The Cordless impact drivers come in: 12 volts, 18 volts, 20 volts, 24-volt versions but the most popular sizes for cordless impact drivers are the 18 V versions and the 12V versions. Corded versions can go for anywhere between 7 A to more than 9 A.

BATTERY CAPACITY: For cordless models, the battery capacity is measured in Amp-hours (Ah). The higher the Ah is, the bigger the capacity of the battery, the longer it will last between charges. The electronic power tool identity will generally include the pack up of battery that the professionals can change with the different electronic tools.

Motor: The cordless impact driver has the electric motor in it. It also has the brushless motor as well. If you can buy the brushless motor impact drivers, then it will prove to be very useful to you as it does not get heated up like regular drivers or drills. They are very efficient as it helps to do the works very smoothly with minimum cost and time.

Size and weight: The cordless impact drivers are very comfortable to handle in the hands due to its size, weight. It is straightforward to carry on the wrists. The professionals can handle the device very quickly without too much twisting while working for a more extended period. So when you are going to buy the impact drivers for your toolbox, you have to carefully evaluate how it feels into your hands, how much it weighs, and how much space it covers.

IMPACTS PER MINUTE(IPM): The IPM means that how many blusters the internal hammer makes in sixty seconds. As higher the IPM, the impact driver can move faster. Higher IPM means that you will get fasteners in and out for the same level of the torque. The models such as 12V and 18V they have the IPMS in between 1750-3750. The impact drivers are an instrumental part of the manufacturing tools.

Not just for driving screws: The cordless impact drivers are straightforward to bore the big holes as well. It is not just used for driving the screws but also acts as a drill. You can drill up to 1/4th inch or so. It has a massive amount of torque in it.

One-handed drive: The cordless impact drivers are one-handed drive. While using the standard drill, you have to put the weight behind the screw and push the screw hardly, but this kind of pressure is not needed while using the cordless impact drivers.

Easy to handle: The cordless impact drivers are straightforward to handle. Sir Isaac Newton has explained that the cordless impact driver generally generates very low twisting of the wrist than standard drills or drivers. A little electronic device can do the work very quickly.


While buying cordless impact driver, you have to carefully evaluate the things mentioned above such as battery power, weight, size, torque etc. The cordless impact drivers are a potent electronic tool that every professional indulging in the constructions or manufacturing works should have to add it on its toolbox kit.…

Who Makes the Best Cordless Impact Driver?


Approximately most of the people prefer impact drivers over the use of cordless drills there is moderately that attracts buyers to buy this cordless impact driver because of their torque and the driving power. This craving necessity for more horsepower is converting the buyers and the specialised professionals to have impact drivers. and this need is developing increasingly popular every day. Each and every toll needs to be viewed differently. The cordless impact driver expels more horsepower and fasteners the work. With the use of the “ impact cordless driver” the chances of getting injured reduces. You can also change the “gears” and “speed” as per your job requirements until the job is finished.


With Milwaukee M18 fuel cordless impact driver you will enjoy having a multiple speed setting with an option to increase or decrease the speed for the smaller jobs then you can readjust the setting to eject more power and force for the tougher jobs. The impact cordless drill will also reduce the risk of being injured. It also not requires to rotate your wrist again and again. This driver was introduced for the convenience of the users.

It includes:

  1. E.D fuel gauge that allows the users to keep the record of how much energy is left.
  2. The peak torque for this model is 1600 inch/pounds.
  3. It has a hard case, two batteries, charger and the tool.
  4. The weight of the tool is 10.5 pounds.
  5. The battery cell type is lithium-ion that has a longer life than other regular batteries.


If you are in need of more horsepower and torque without the extra weight you might check out the” MAKITA 18 VOLT” 3 SPEED LXT for the compact handling. Its weight is just 2.3 pounds. It comes with the convenient battery fuel gauge by keeping the full record of the power left in the battery. It also has an auto-shift mode which is so amazing and too responsive. You will be glad to know that this model was introduced or produced in “JAPAN” and the products from Japan are made up of high quality of the metals.

It includes:

  1. It comes with the adjustable 3-speed settings and an automatic mode, so you can never need to give a small work too much power and you can never have to give a tough job too little power.
  2. It has in built fuel gauge which keeps the track of the battery life.
  3. It also has the reverse option when using the driver in T- mode giving self-setting screws.
  4. It also has an auto-shift mode technology.

You are basically getting a little powerhouse when purchasing the Makita LXDT06 and will make any job feel effortless without skimping on the quality of the job at hand.

Dewalt Impact Driver 20v Max

The “ DEWALT IMPACT DRIVER 20V MAX” is a very lovable drill that is too powerful and also lightweight. The battery of his driver is too amazing, if you are expecting the 10-12 hours work shift of nothing but screwing, unscrewing, drilling, and reverse drilling you can gladly presume for your sidekick to hold on to the whole way externally its battery dying sooner the day.

Now one of the main drawbacks in this impact driver is the oxymoron before I begin with goods. It will not have any speed adjustment setting that I beamed about with the earlier impact drivers.

It includes:

  1. You can use any kind of 20v battery there is no compulsion of using the XR batteries.
  2. You can also combine a brushless motor with a lithium-ion battery.
  3. It does not have any speed adjustment setting you have to maintain the speed according to the job.


When you are working with all type of jobs that deals with nuts, screws, bolts and the continuous need for power you will need 18-volt porter cable 20V max at your side. If you have to move upward and downward constantly with the potential butter fingers creeping in from time to time you will likely to know that this impact cordless driver is really strong and durable to handle a 20-foot drop without any need to dive it mouth to mouth resuscitation, as only you will be the only one wanting mouth to mouth resuscitation once your co-workers get a load of you getting all the “endless love” on you impact cordless driver.

It includes:

  1. The battery charges really fast and will last you for a very long time.
  2. It has 5 cells and each cell contains 3.7 volts, which will equal out to 18.5 volts and once the battery had a chance to get full charge it will increase its volts by .3 that is the missing 1.54 volts from the description that totals out to 20volts.


With this “BOSCH HYBRID 18V” you will enjoy terrific features. This impact cordless driver has adjustable speed settings. This impact driver has a high-end hand down. It is the brushless tool and has some extra torque and it is that tool which no one will quit and no one is complaining.

If you are having this kind of the cordless impact driver it can handle the reconstructing process and make the rebuild process even better. It also helps in removing over 200 rusted, jammed screws is not unheard of right before screwing in over 1000 newer drills in the same day without the charge crapping out on you. You can also use it on lug nuts providing they were loosened first with an impact wrench. There are several other jobs that this driver can be used when dealing with a car but if it is a tough job that will require an impact driver use the suggested driver to avoid damaging. This impact driver is not fully lightweight. It is solid adequate for those skyward works comfortable from fatigue most professionals experienced with the heavier models.

It includes:

  1. The adjustable speed settings.
  2. It has the ½ drive sockets. No need of the adapters is required.


The “MILWAUKEE M12 FUEL 12V” is a lightweight cordless impact driver that utilizes the same battery fuel gauges as the larger impact driver and is backed up with a convenient quick charging feature. This driver has its own horsepower and high level of torque and it also has the controllable speed settings.

It includes:

  1. It has undoubtedly brushless that reinforce centrefold moving in circles beating it drum continuously by saying “ it keeps going and going” and will finish.
  2. It weight is 1.8 pounds this 12V driver is powered by lithium-ion battery.

You can also use the M12 non-fuel on each of the drivers but from research and personal use, you can expect a difference in the power the driver will have and also that the charging process may be a lot slower. You can insert the bit without pulling the ring but just know that you will have to still pull the ring to eject the bit.


This impact driver is not for every job site or as it is the main focus in life is to be an industrial worker or work in close proximity to a man and women best friend besides his four-legged furry pal and that is cars. Truly this electronic power tool is cherished by the professionals because of its lightweight and the plastic grip that anyone can handle the tough grips of the chemicals and solvents that are found in these type of construction fields.


The BOSCH PS41-2A MAX LITHIUM ION is the most powerful 12volt, inexpensive, thick electronic tool. The professionals indulging in the works like construction will fond of the cordless impact driver as it is long-lasting and powerful to handle most of the works necessary while being economical.

So if you’re a hobbyist, someone learning how to use power tools then this one should be in your toolbox.

It includes:

  1. There are 3 LED lights that illuminate a lot brighter than many other models and it is located in the front of the impact driver.
  2. However, some consumers have mentioned that there has been a little delay in the trigger but nothing major. The round flash entirely so much better than the standard single light under the chuck.